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The Top 7 Times I Was Awestruck While Traveling

Now that I've traveled far more than almost the entire population of the world, I have gotten quite arrogant, obnoxious, and borderline unbearable to be around. This is much better than before, when I had not traveled anywhere, but was still unbearable to be around. Nowadays, when people talk travel, I clear my throat in an annoyingly loud and exaggerated manner that stops people in mid-conversation -- not just at my own table, but at other nearby tables as well. This is to let people know that I am about to speak and that what I say will be quite profound.

One thing that's always bothered me about any "top" list of travel destinations, or even a "user-voted" list, is that the authors (or voters) typically haven't seen ALL of the cities, beaches, or landmarks in the world. And most "voted" lists are going to be heavily skewed towards mainstream, easily arrived-at destinations where more people have been. I took Statistics once in college (nai…

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