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The Brilliant Strategy Behind All of Trump's Seemingly Erratic Tweets

President Donald Trump is the greatest marketing President our country has ever seen. Almost everything he says or Tweets is incendiary. If he were any other President, each one of his Tweets would be headline news. Instead, he Tweets so frequently, the media must decide which Tweet is going to get top billing for coverage that day. Which, in and of itself, is also a genius PR move. If you’re a member of the media, do you choose to cover a story about the local farmer’s plight or a name-calling, controversial Tweet that’s going to drive 100x the amount of clicks/views?

With dozens of Tweets a day, he gives the media plenty of fodder to work with, so they always have options. And most of the time the majority get covered, which pushes other stories and narratives out of the limelight.
As a PR/Marketing professional and a former news reporter, I can tell you the reasons why he Tweets so many of the things he does. There is a pattern and reason behind his logic. And it’s genius.
The Dem…

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