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How To Feature Yourself In A Dope Instagram Photo When Traveling Alone: Part 1

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A post shared by Kevin Leu (@kleubay) on Feb 19, 2018 at 6:24am PST I’m often asked how I’m able to take such amazing pictures of myself while traveling alone. (I threw in “amazing,” because I’m sure most people were in such a rush to type, that they left that part out.) People will say things like, "Who’s taking that photo for you?" "Do you travel with a team of hairstylists and makeup artists?" "I touch myself when I'm looking at your Instagram pics." And the most common, "Your pics saved my marriage. They make me feel sexual and alive again." 
Thank you. Thank you. All very humbling. Now I want to pass on my gifts to you. I mean, you will never surpass my skills, but you may get close. Like Rocky Balboa, I'll teach you, my naive Tommy Gunns, all that I know. Except for the best things. That way I can best you if you ever come into my bar and punch one of my older friends who probably shouldn't have pushe…

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